Jewellery Care

Proper care is essential in order to keep your silver or gold-plated jewellery looking its best. Silver is a soft metal that can scratch and dent, and semi-precious stones can chip or fade, so do take care to keep jewellery free from scratches, hard blows or knocks, chemicals, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

  • Store each piece of jewellery separately in a box or soft fabric pouch to avoid scratches.
  • Always put on jewellery after dressing, applying make-up and perfume. Take it off before undressing to avoid it catching on clothes as this may loosen clasps and settings.
  • Never sleep, bathe or swim in your jewellery and take special care to remove gold-plated jewellery when washing your hands with soap and water.  It is advisable not to wear your jewellery when working out at the gym or doing household tasks.
  • Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and body oils. Tarnish can be removed with a silver polishing cloth or, if particularly bad, with a specialist cleaning solution. Dips or clemical cleaners are not recommended for use on plated items.